Site Development Services

Site Development Services provides a pre-construction ALTA survey utilized by several entities on a development transaction. The pre-construction ALTA is provided to the client, engineer and attorney for each property transaction. This unique survey enables clients to purchase property while at the same time satisfying all engineering design-related requirements for the proposed facility. Our pre-construction ALTA survey includes Table A items 5 & 11(b) along with our own site development requirements.

Why work with First American?

  • Topography issues for use by the client's engineers and architects.

What do we offer?

  • Standardized survey format
  • Elevation data: Spot elevations are shown over the entire site and 50' beyond the subject area (either property line or designated survey area) on a 25' grid or equivalent for the centerline of all streets, alleys or roadways. Contours are shown at one-foot intervals for the entire property or area surveyed.
  • Shows the size of all underground utilities and the construction material. Locates all manholes on the property and gives top of rim and flowline elevations. Notes if the site does not have certain underground utilities and gives the distance, location from the property, size and flowlines of the nearest lines and manholes.
  • Consistent location of necessary information on each survey regardless of the site location.
  • Convenient and cost-effective with two projects in one timeframe and fee. The same surveyor addresses both issues, which reduces the timeframe and price, and the client has one point of contact for both types of surveys.
  • Our Quality Control Department ensures that your client requirements and all site development standards are reflected in all drawings. We will also identify any errors in provided documentation and offer suggestions on how to resolve any issues that might arise.

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First American Professional Land Services

First American Professional Land Services



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