Wireless Telecommunication Surveys

Customized "hybrid" ALTA survey uses client-specified scope of work to detail the cell tower lease area, access easements and utility easements. This survey shows the relationship between the parent parcel and the lease area, and depicts interior lease area details such as cable trays, shelter and the tower itself. The wireless survey typically is accompanied by a 1A letter noting the cell tower elevation, height and type. The 1A letter can be submitted to the FAA per agency regulations. Wireless surveys can be created pre-construction (in which case the area can also be staked) as well as on completed towers for expansion and/or co-location purposes.

Why work with First American?

  • With almost 10 years working hand-in-hand with two of the largest cell tower companies, we have an abundance of experience as well as a large base of knowledge regarding scope of services and the intricacies of wireless surveys.
  • We currently have a library of over 6,500 surveys and 1A letters at our disposal, so if your goal is co-location, we may already have a prior survey!
  • Our preferred network of local surveyors, along with our in-house licensed land surveyors, have been assisting us for years in providing the highest level of surveying. By working hand-in-hand with our preferred vendors, we can ensure that the most experienced surveyor is working on your project.

What do we offer?

  • We are on hand to assist with local agencies and municipalities.
  • Our standardized survey formats allow us to consistently locate the necessary information on each survey regardless of the site location.
  • Our wireless surveys depict all existing and proposed areas, so future use of the survey when considering expansion or co-location is always an option.
  • We can be on hand for site walks and any other specific issues.
  • Our Quality Control Department ensures that your client requirements and all ALTA standards are reflected in all drawings. We will also identify any errors in provided documentation and offer suggestions for resolution of any issues that may arise.

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First American Commercial Due Diligence Services

First American Commercial Due Diligence Services




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