Safe & Secure Escrow Account Management

Offering customers secure and affordable funding management enables you to focus on customer service and business growth--all without losing control.

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Reduce Costs and Risks of Escrow Accounts

  • Safe Escrow® receives all funds in its escrow account and ensures Good Funds requirements are met
  • Disbursement ledger is compared against critical documents
  • Daily and monthly 3-way reconciliations by Safe Escrow on its bank accounts
  • Reconciliation reports provided to the underwriter and/or state, per requirements
  • Print checks and release funds from anywhere
  • Many post-funding and escheatment-- all done for you

Controlled Collaborative Funding

With Safe Escrow’s collaborative service and technology platform, you remain in the driver’s seat. Off-load functions to help with staffing concerns all while being compliant and secure.

  • Track and participate in the funding process from beginning to end.
  • Make last minute changes, even at the closing table.
  • Retain the ability to print checks to be distributed to your customers.
  • Have visibility into the entire funding process.
  • Funding only occurs when you authorize it.

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What Our Customers Say About Safe Escrow

“I save money with Safe Escrow. My 'all in' cost is a lot less than my old escrow process. I also save time, and Safe Escrow's service simplifies escrow management..”

-Hope Khan, The Closing Table of Florida, FL

Imagine a New Way to Fund

Learn how Safe Escrow reduces the burden of managing your own escrow accounts.

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