Interthinx® FraudGuard® is a comprehensive, decision support tool designed to quickly and accurately identify risk in mortgage transactions.

Leveraging public, private and proprietary data sources, the FraudGuard platform helps lenders identify potential fraud risk and errors in mortgage applications, comply with regulations, improve the application review process through greater speed and efficiency, and increase loan quality.

  • Provides critical due diligence & supporting evidence for loan decisionsFraudGuard
  • Improves risk mitigation & helps avoid defaults, foreclosures & repurchases
  • Protects against regulatory penalties with up-to-date analytics
  • Allows easy & intuitive access to enhanced reporting
  • integration for deeper property & ownership research

Robust Data and Analytics

Standard Features

  • Identity Validation
  • Property Overview
  • MERS®
  • Exposure & Analysis
  • Lender Exclusionary Lists
  • NFPD (National Fraud Protection Database)
  • Integration
  • Income & Employment
  • Phone & Address Check
  • FEMA
  • Industry Watch & Exclusionary Lists
  • Conflict of Interest
  • FLEX® (FraudNet Loan Exchange Review)

Optional Modules

  • Mortgage Forbearance Indicator
  • Ownership & Occupancy
  • Verification of Employment & Income
  • NMLS®
  • Listing Data
  • Income Assessment
  • Undisclosed Debt Monitoring®
  • 4506-T Integration
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Lien & Judgment Reviews
  • Associated Business Search

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Beyond Fraud Detection

Identity Validation

Validates and identifies potential risks associated with the borrower’s identity through multiple sources.

Income & Employment

Analyzes the borrower’s income and employment utilizing external and internal data sources to evaluate the borrower’s ability to pay.

Property Overview

Provides a subject property estimated value, neighborhood analysis, comparables analysis, property transaction history and foreclosure analysis to identify overall collateral risk.

Phone & Address Check

Performs a reverse phone and address check to validate the submitted borrower and employer phone and address.

MERS® (Mortgage Electronic Registration System)

Integration with the MERS System helps identify undisclosed loans, pending foreclosures and foreclosures for the borrowers and the subject property.


Identifies if the property is located in an area subject to a natural catastrophe.

Exposure Analysis

Provides an analytical look at the dollar value in the FraudGuard loan inventory committed to the subject property area and to the borrowers.

Industry Watch and Exclusionary Lists

Compares all participant names to industry watch and exclusionary lists such as the HUD LDP, SAM EPLS, OFAC, SDN, PLC, SSI, FSE and the FHFA Suspended Counterparty list.

Lender Exclusionary Lists

Compares all participant names to lender exclusionary lists to identify high risk participants. Appraiser license verification reviews appraiser information for validity.

Conflict of Interest

Checks all parties in the loan and parties from previous property transactions to identify possible conflicts of interest.

NFPD (National Fraud Protection Database)

Checks our proprietary database and other sources for mortgage fraud related articles to identify high risk participants on a loan.

FLEX® (FraudNet Loan Exchange Review)

Provides analytics across the inventory of submitted loans to identify anomalies in areas like income, occupancy, employment, broker risk profile, appraiser risk profile and private closed sales.

Integration with DataTree

FraudGuard offers seamless access to DataTree’s advanced property research through alerts linked directly to

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