The Title Search Process

If you’ve ever purchased a home, you have likely also purchased title insurance. But do you know what it really takes to properly insure the title to your property? A few things you may not know about the process:

  1. A title order begins with an in-depth search starting with a review of public records.
  2. The search can be complex because, depending on your geographic location, property information may be filed any number of ways.
  3. Title companies, like First American, have created systematic search methods and large information databases that lead to faster and more accurate research.
  4. Title searches uncover possible title issues, like liens, judgments and information on prior loans, sewer assessments taxes and other issues.
  5. Newly constructed properties still require a thorough search, as the land has likely changed hands many times, and there is no guarantee that subcontractors or suppliers have not placed liens on the property.
  6. The data collected from a title search helps reduce the risk of future title problems with your home and makes your title policy—and the process of underwriting it—a valuable investment.