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Welcome to ClarityFirst.

Combining innovative technology and our team of experts to get your deal done.

ClarityFirst‘s dynamic features and enhanced real-time collaboration cut through the complexity of today‘s commercial real estate transactions by making the process more efficient, transparent and secure.

Launched in 2020, ClarityFirst is already leading the digital evolution within the commercial title insurance industry, streamlining and securing the closing process and enhancing the overall transactional experience.

Designed to support all elements of commercial real estate transactions, ClarityFirst uses digital technology to process and close your deals more quickly, accurately and securely than traditional methods. The ClarityFirst platform provides access to robust property data and public records to help you make more informed decisions.

Aggregating data on more than 145 million properties from over 3,100 counties nationwide, ClarityFirst delivers transaction history, recorded documents, comparable sales and tax maps, all through an easy-to-use interactive map.

With 24/7 access to details, documents, and milestones, ClarityFirst provides a live view of your commercial deal each step of the way, delivering complete transparency throughout the transaction lifecycle.

For portfolio projects, those that include multiple sites and geographic locations, ClarityFirst empowers key stakeholders to navigate individual sites and view included properties in an interactive map or dashboard, making it easier to review an entire portfolio from a single page.

To ensure the security of information and funds, ClarityFirst incorporates multifactor authentication, encryption technology, and state-of-the-art wire transfer verification.

Poised to evolve with your business needs, ClarityFirst is revolutionizing the future of commercial title — one feature at a time.

ClarityFirst Data Tile

ClarityFirst is the first end-to-end digital solution for commercial real estate transactions.

The platform enables all parties to collaborate in a streamlined closing process with greater transparency, efficiency and security than conventional, paper-intensive methods.

ClarityFirst End to End