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Handy Escrow Checklist

[  ] Fill out the Request for Contract information form at the sales office. Let us know the best way to contact you: home, work, cell, email.
[  ] Make the decision on how to hold Title. (Consult with legal counsel or attorney)
[  ] Let your Escrow Officer know if your funds are coming from the sale of an existing home.

[  ] Provide all documents for loan approval to lender.
[  ] Ensure your names are spelled correctly on loan application and as you would like them to appear on your Deed.
[  ] Remind your loan agent that your Escrow Officer needs your loan documents at least 10 days before you expect to receive your keys.

[  ] Call Escrow Officer for amount needed to close, preferred in the
form of a wire transfer of funds.
[  ] All people named on the loan documents must be at the signing.
[  ] All must bring Valid Driver’s License or Passport.

Brief List of the best sources for assistance for certain common questions:

Details of your purchase agreement...
Builder Sales Representative

Final amounts needed to close escrow (after receipt of loan papers)...
Escrow Officer or Escrow Assistant

Possession and key to home...
Builder Sales Representative

Hazard/Fire Insurance...
Insurance Agent or Escrow Officer if you would like a quote for First American Homeowners Insurance.

Loan requirements & Financial matters...
Lender or Mortgage Company

Escrow Instructions...
Escrow Officer or Escrow Assistant

How to take title or ownership...
Attorney or other Real Estate Expert

Questions regarding property tax impounds...
Lender or Mortgage Company



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