First American Mortgage Solutions offers a wide range of post-closing products and services designed to help perfect loan files in the critical 30 days after funding prior to investor delivery. From assembling the post-closing loan package, and retrieving and tracking documents, to providing the highest quality loan file reviews, we’ve got the solutions you need.

Put confidence in your loans

Relying on Mortgage Solutions to handle your post-closing needs can help reduce operating costs and give you a level of confidence that is crucial to doing business in today's regulatory-driven environment.

  • We have proven industry experience and expertise
  • Our solutions are integrated with technology for competitive pricing and turn times
  • We are strengthened by the nation’s largest repository of 5.5 billion recorded land documents.

Post-Closing Solutions

Quality Control

We offer a broad range of highly customizable, scalable and reliable outsourced solutions, including pre- and post-closing QC, pre-purchase/pre-sale QC, servicing QC and early payment default audits.

Document Services

We offer a full suite of end-to-end document services, including document retrieval, assignment verification, assignment preparation, lien release and title policy retrieval.

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