Third Party Review (TPR)

Whether you work with mortgage brokers, correspondents, appraisers, or other business or individual, verifying key background data is an important part of quality control and regulatory compliance. Third Party Review (TPR) from First American Mortgage Solutions provides you with the ability to review 100% of third party originator application information with real-time license checks.

Comprehensive, Real-Time Verifications

TPR quickly and efficiently reviews prospective and current business partners and assures compliance with the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing (SAFE) Act.

A detailed check of the following is included:

  • Validation of NMLS ID/License Number against the NMLS Registry
  • License verification for Appraisers
  • Proprietary National Fraud Protection Database (NFPD) review Lender/Industry sanctions search
  • Comprehensive set of Industry and Government Watch Lists
  • Social Security Number verification and misuse identification for principals
  • Identity Verification and Fraud Check
  • Phone and Address verification against U.S. Business Directory and National Phone Directory
  • Bankruptcy Search and FICO Score retrieval on company officers and principals

TPR Features

  • Customizable approval workflow indicators
  • Proprietary Analytical Risk Scoring of any third-party
  • Advanced name-matching algorithms to perform exhaustive and accurate investigations
  • Report delivers real-time, objective findings on the person or business
  • Loan Originator License Monitoring provides 24/7 monitoring and updates any license status changes

Reduce Risk With Third-Party Entities

Advanced name matching technology reduces the number of false positives and omissions. Powered by the FLEX (FraudNet Loan Exchange Review) inventory of millions of loan reviews, our Broker Risk Score provides insight into the risk associated with third party originators. Conflicting information, derogatory findings and data that cannot be validated are provided in an exception report to quickly surface potential noteworthy issues and recommended actions.

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