Data Solutions

Decisions are only as good as the information considered and mortgage lending is no exception. First American pursues certainty in lending by providing solid real estate data that you can rely on. We have a strong foundation of property data to empower you to make confident lending decisions throughout the entire loan cycle, from loan origination to post-closing through default servicing.

More Insight. More Informed Lending Decisions. More Business Wins.

First American is committed to producing defect-free products with an exceptional customer experience. Our products and services provide flexibility and choice as to how your business can leverage our property data, and how this data is delivered and consumed within your workflow and organization. By working with us, you get:

  • Real estate data you need, when you need it -- Access more than 5.3 billion document images covering 99% of the U.S. housing stock
  • Custom data solutions to help you do more -- Save time, boost productivity and streamline lending processes so you can close on home loans faster
  • More than property data, great service -- Our team of data experts can quickly pull the property data you want or create a custom data solution designed to meet your specific needs

Custom Real Estate Data

Data helps even the most successful title insurance companies be more effective. Whether you need improved market analysis, or process and workflow efficiency, we can help you customize your data to boost productivity and make better business decisions.

Match and Append

With our custom match and append services, you can make the in-house data you have stronger. First American provides the real estate data you need to meet your unique business goals, with sources that include:

  • 147 million U.S. properties
  • 99% of all parcels
  • Over 5.3 billion document images
  • More than 1.2 billion transactions
  • Mortgage data, tax data, and more provides instant nationwide access to the detailed real estate data you need to verify property information, evaluate trends and prospect for new business.

  • Connects you to the nation's largest land-records provider, covering 99% of the U.S. housing stock and containing more than 5.3 billion document images
  • Fast Search allows you to quickly find property information and documents by address, owner name, APN, or document ID
  • Map Search helps you visually search for properties using GIS map technology and drawing tools to target property areas

XML Data Delivery

Experience the power and convenience of instantly connecting your workflow to our nationwide database of property information and document images though XML. By leveraging our XML data service, you benefit from the standard XML protocol that makes searching property data and retrieving documents directly from your production or order management platform -- fast and simple.

Our XML property data delivery is the ideal solution for lenders with high-volume production capacity. XML product data services include:

  • High-speed image and property data and report delivery
  • Customizable search results and report layouts
  • 24/7 maximum performance delivery environment with high bandwidth capacity for quick transaction processing
  • Total platform independence for seamless connection with any operating system, hardware platform, or resource capacity
  • Standard monitoring tools with multi-point protection at application, session, transport, and host points
  • Real-time host updates and catastrophic backup of database for service you can count on recovery and reliability
  • Adherence to the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization's (MISMO®) XML standard

Professional Report Services

When a little extra data due-diligence is needed, turn to First American to advise and develop a data solution that fits your business needs perfectly. Our experts will search multiple external databases to find the property data you need. We offer two tiers of time-saving support: Extend search and report; and abstractor search and report.

5.3+billiondocument images
covering99%of the U.S. housing stock

Loan Portfolio Monitoring

Proactively monitor and protect your loan portfolio. With this service, First American can help you minimize risk and prevent loss due to poor quality holdings. We'll receive and store your portfolio of loans and alert you of changes in your holdings.

Real Estate Tax Research

When it comes to determining the status of real estate taxes, there's often more than meets the eye. It goes beyond just knowing whether taxes are paid or unpaid -- current or delinquent. Getting the real story requires a "deeper dive" into the not-so-apparent factors, such as making sure you're researching the right property, including all jurisdictions, and reviewing the most current tax-payment status. To help you know all this and much more, First American offers three levels of real estate tax research: Basic tax service, information tax only tax service, and full tax service.