TILA-RESPA Certainty Center

Producing flawless loans has never been more critical. As a trusted service provider to mortgage lenders, we are well prepared to assist with defect-free loan manufacturing and regulatory compliance, including the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule.

Our TRID Certainty Center offers valuable resources to keep you ahead of the competitive curve during this time of historical change.

Operational Readiness

We’ve made significant investments in operations, technology, employee training, and customer experience to provide clarity on TRID readiness so you can stay focused on producing loans. Here are just a few examples of what we’ve done:

  • Established dedicated team with a thorough understanding of TRID to prepare our business and technology teams to be fully trained and ready
  • Updated our systems and software to support the new requirements for our settlement operations, order routing systems, and fee calculators
  • Made it easy for you to connect with us, including via third-party aggregators, loan origination systems (LOS), First American’s end-to-end technology resource known as myFirstAm®, and our proprietary automated collaboration tool called eCD
  • Implemented standard examinations for regulatory compliance to determine whether the subject loan file meets TRID rule requirements

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Operational Readiness FAQs
About eCD
First American Mortgage Solutions is TRID-Trained & Ready to Help You

Automated Compliance Checks

The RegsDataTM Compliance Suite runs real-time, automated compliance checks on your loans and alerts you to any potential violations.

  • New TRID-specific data points and tests for improved automated compliance
  • RegsData handles all loans whether TRID applies or not
  • Client testing has been available since May 2015
  • New product enhancements for greater flexibility and ease of use, including enhanced user interface input screens, RegsData worksheet updates, new TRID tests, and new user control features

Do You Understand TRID Timelines?

Timing is everything. The introduction of the TRID rule this October will bring with it new timelines. Be aware of the important timeframes for the loan estimate and closing disclosure, and plan your transactions accordingly.

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TRID Timelines

Purchase and Refinance Closing Disclosures

Much has been said about the new Closing Disclosure for purchase and refinance transactions. Provided to consumers by the lender and their settlement agent, the Closing Disclosure is describes the final loan terms and closing costs for a purchase or refinance transaction. View the samples below to see what information the settlement agent provides to support the completion of this form.

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Sample Closing Disclosure for a Purchase Transaction
Sample Closing Disclosure for a Refinance Transaction