Our Data

Benefit from First American’s commitment to providing the highest quality data that empowers informed lending decisions. We have over 125 years of experience gathering recorded data, so you can rely on us for all of your real estate data needs.

We make it easy to access and use our data, either through DataTree.com or through these data delivery options:

Real Estate Data Licensing

Build the Next Big Thing with Our Data

Imagine the possibilities of what you can build with First American property-centric data. First American provides the current, accurate property, homeowner and mortgage data to deliver on your business goals.

Our Data is Your Advantage

Tax Assessor Data

When you need to understand real estate within a county, state or the nation, First American’s data experts do the work.

County Recorder Data

Leverage recorded transaction data that include events that are recorded against a property or person.

Releases, Assignments & Foreclosure Data

Go beyond deeds and mortgages and discover mortgage activities.

Property Valuation Data

When you need property values for your data file, choose the valuation data set.

Real Estate Listings

Real estate listing data provides rich details on the features of a home.

Logic Applied Property Data

By applying calculations to a data set, First American delivers intelligent data that matches your needs.

Custom Data Solutions

With Custom Data Solutions, DataTree’s data experts will help create the perfect, custom data solution for your business. You’ll have the power to identify, mix and match and compile everything you need.

API-JSON Data Delivery

Instantly connect your workflow to DataTree’s database of property information and over 7 billion document images through API-JSON.