Title Insurance for Home Equity

In today’s home equity lending environment, quick and thorough title information is essential to optimize every lending opportunity, while mitigating common and unforeseen risks. But the proliferation of property data and alternative products to title insurance can make choosing coverage difficult.

The decision often comes down to price point; however, it’s important to look out for hidden risks and costs in the form of add-on coverage or services, not to mention wasted time and effort on your part. Here’s where title insurance, and in particular, equiSmart™, offers a real advantage.

The equiSmartTM Advantage

equiSmart1 provides coverage for unknown liens, mortgagor vesting on the last document recorded in the public record, forgeries in the execution of the security instrument to be insured, and the gap period between the issuance of the title product and the recording of your security instrument. Additionally, coverage is provided for the full life of the loan (line of credit) and it automatically transfers to a subsequent owner of the indebtedness should the loan be sold.

More Title Insurance Products and Services

Our depth of service helps you to be more confident in your lien position, risk assessment, and cost control.

  • Junior Loan Policy
  • ALTA® Short Form Loan Policy
  • Loan Signing Services

Contact us to learn more and match our Home Equity property information and title insurance products to your risk tolerance and cost control needs. 

1. As with any insurance contract, the insuring provisions express the coverage afforded by the title insurance policy and there are exceptions, exclusions and conditions to coverage that limit or narrow the coverage afforded by the policy. Some coverage may not be available in a particular area or transaction due to legal, regulatory, or underwriting considerations. The services described above may differ due to the specifics of your transaction or the location of the real property involved.