Appraiser Network

First American Mortgage Solutions offers a wide variety of  conventional appraisal products. Our variety of standard appraisal services can be tailored for your unique purposes, which we immediately convey to the report appraiser via our vendor-dedicated Appraisal Management Platform (AMP).

Why First American?

  • We are committed to maintaining financial stability in an ever-changing market
  • We carefully manage a panel of more than 17,000 credentialed appraisers across the U.S.
  • Our customized QC programs can meet your collateral underwriting policy, as well as the demands associated with any contested valuations
  • Gain cost efficiencies with our appraisal management platforms, professional partnerships, and centralized approach to delivering quality


At First American, we’ve managed appraisals for more than 20 years and offer the type of appraisal management leadership and financial stability you’d expect from a mortgage services company with a corporate legacy that dates back to 1889.

We are connected to some of the best performing collateral underwriting tools, allowing us to offer customized quality control (QC) for each client. Whether you are looking for a tiered approach that relies on automation and sound appraisal review practices, or a formalized forensic protocol, we can provide you with the right services.

Network of Independent, Certified Appraisers

Each appraiser in our network is moved through a comprehensive application and approval process to become activated as a partner with First American. We focus on regulatory guidelines outlined in the current version of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP), Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act (Dodd-Frank), and recent Interagency Guidelines revisions. Our appraisal panel is managed for complete adherence to state, federal, and AMC regulations.