Trustee Sale Guarantee

The Trustee Sale Guarantee1 (TSG) is a title guarantee issued at the start of foreclosure. It assists the foreclosing beneficiary and trustee by delivering information needed to verify compliance with state foreclosure statutes. The TSG assures the following crucial information necessary to execute a valid foreclosure:

  • Current owner of record vesting
  • Judgments, liens and encumbrances
  • Priority of foreclosing mortgage
  • Bankruptcy case information
  • Property tax information
  • Parties required by law to be notified of foreclosure
  • Property address verification
  • Newspaper entities for publication

TSG Online

TSG Online is a centralized, secure, web-based platform used to access, track and verify Trustee Sale Guarantee delivery and foreclosure document recordings at every step of the foreclosure process. TSG Online is accessible 24/7 and is provided as a complimentary service to our TSG clients.

Key features of our TSG Online platform include:

  • Online order automation and document upload capabilities
  • Secure portal with encrypted personal passwords and ID numbers
  • View, print, or download title and foreclosure documents
  • Title and document recording status tracking
  • Real-time electronic communication
1The Trustee Sale Guarantee, like all title insurance products, is subject to each title insurer’s underwriting guidelines.