Collateral Inspection Services

PredProtectFirst American Mortgage Solutions offers dynamic collateral inspection services — powered by our unique data, technology and analytics — deliver lenders improved efficiency and accuracy for the ultimate customer experience.

Inspection Ready!

We offer inspection and property data collection solutions for your collateral needs.

  • Multiple options: interior and exterior inspections by either appraisers or inspectors.
  • Flexible inspection services for any type of valuation product, including desktop appraisals, alternative valuations, evaluations and AVMs.
  • Our trained, vetted national panel can perform any type of inspection needed with quick turn-times.
  • Our Collateral Inspection portal links mobile-enabled data capture and forms, QC and delivery in one easy to use solution for lenders, AMCs and GSEs.

Fueled By Technology, Data & Analytics

Mobile-enabled valuation inspection technology used by 25,000+ appraisers for a streamlined approach to managing forms, rules and data, plus data collection and delivery in one platform.

  • Automated quality assurance with ACI Sky™ Delivery and Review, leveraging dynamic compliance and validation to mitigate risk and reduce cycle time.
  • Real-time market data including public records, listings and proprietary data.
  • Modern technology easily adapts to evolving market requirements.

Inspection Products

First American offers several different collateral inspection products for alternative/hybrid valuations, equity lending or damage verification. 

Fusion Valuation ReportsTM – Driven by your specific assignment conditions, Fusion Valuation Reports combine a collateral inspection and desktop appraisal techniques, with the hands-on expertise of appraisers and real estate professionals to give you customized, fast, accurate results. Our SaaS technology has resulted in a higher quality product with significantly faster turn times.
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Market Analysis and Condition (MAC) Report – The MAC Report provides standardized ratings on the physical condition of the property and valuable market area information, including a physical inspection, subject photograph, street view, location map, aerial map addendum, and more! When used in conjunction with an AVM, the MAC Report is perfect for home equity lending.
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Damage Verification Report – The Damage Verification Report is an exterior or interior inspection report completed by a Real Estate Professional that delivers a concise property condition report, noting visible damage and an accurate assessment of the condition of the neighborhood, indicating the availability of utilities, damage to roadways and neighboring homes. Current photos are included.