Identity Verification

Validating the identity of your loan applicants is a critical component to loan quality. First American Mortgage Solutions offers several options to quickly and accurately make these determinations with SafeCheck® and SSN Direct.


SafeCheck is a pre-funding tool that delivers a comprehensive view of the applicant’s Social Security Number (SSN) usage within seconds, allowing lenders to accurately validate the SSN and identity, while detecting identity theft and reducing Early Payment Defaults (EPDs).
The easy-to-read SafeCheck report includes:

  • SafeCheckGeneral borrower data
  • Consumer "best match" analysis
  • Number of verifying sources
  • Other names, addresses, employment, and associated dates reported
  • Easy identifiable alerts that flag any concerns with the borrower’s identity or SSN

SafeCheck results can help uncover inconsistencies with SSN usage and is designed to alert 14 critical scenarios involving the validity of the SSN, identity activity, and address associated with the SSN.

SafeCheck combines SSN verification from many sources, including multiple credit bureaus as well as public sources like the DMV and state professional licensing agencies. When packaged with SSN Direct and positioned early in the application review process, these tools provide a comprehensive view of the applicant’s SSN identity.

SSN Direct

SSN Direct helps lenders comply with SSN verification regulations quickly and securely by providing direct access to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for verification of an applicant’s Name, SSN, and Date of Birth.

Results are delivered in less than two hours, with the majority in several minutes. Via a secure web portal, SSN Direct reports either a “Match”, “No Match” and/or “Verified But Deceased”.

SSNWhen combined with SafeCheck, which provides a comprehensive view of the applicant’s SSN identity, you can be confident that applicants are who they say they are before other application review efforts are performed and before the loan is funded.