Appraisal Reviews

Rely on First American’s appraisal review services and leverage our network of experienced appraisers. We maintain an elite nationwide network of certified appraisers, and centrally located staff appraisers who have combined experience of over seven decades of appraisal leadership. At First American, we offer a total review solution of automated workflows, with the technical prowess of a nationally recognized provider.

Desktop & Field Reviews

First American Desktop Reviews provide a variety of valuation solutions that do not involve a physical inspection:

  • Cost-effective, timely and well-informed opinion as to whether an estimated value is supported or if further due diligence is needed
  • Can include geo-competency ideal for circumstances requiring a local appraiser
  • Full review is best suited for more complex front-end decisions and all due diligence applications where high detail and true in-market experience matter

First American Field Reviews satisfy numerous collateral risk evaluation needs:

  • Local market data extracted and analyzed with geo-competence
  • Generally accepted review methods enhanced by exterior viewings of the subject and all comparables
  • Scopes of Work customized to fit each customer’s requirements and  intended use

We leverage the expert skills of our certified appraisers and local market data to review disparate valuation documents and provide a most probable reconciled value. Rely on the experience and insight of First American to help determine accurate property valuations.