Property Reports for Home Equity

The rise in first mortgage interest rates has slowed the refinance market and renewed consumer interest in home equity loans. Lenders are looking for ways to streamline third-party vendors, while reducing costs and improving internal efficiencies.

Our equiRisk™ report combine First American’s unique data sets to provide reports unlike anything currently available on the market.


The unique and user-friendly equiRisk data information report optimizes First American’s robust and proprietary data assets to help lenders reduce risk, stay compliant, and accelerate closing to improve the borrower experience.

  • Combines ownership, real estate tax, open voluntary and involuntary lien data and vesting deed documents
  • At-a-glance analysis summary (above) highlights higher risk data and provides hyperlinks to the applicable report section
  • Assesses critical risk factors associated with home equity transactions
  • Accurate property and tax data with recordable vesting and legal descriptions
  • Creates lender process efficiencies and cost reductions by replacing multiple reports and searches