FirstMod® | Loss Mitigation

Looking to manage the demand of loan modificationLoss Mitigation requests efficiently, using automation and integration? Look no further. First American Mortgage Solutions offers FirstMod®, a product and services suite that supports efficient loan modification processing to help lenders, servicers and investors keep more borrowers in their homes. 

FirstMod for Loss Mitigation

  • Can be customized and deployed quickly, and can be connected with your loss mitigation platform
  • Accessible through the First American Navigator® servicer portal, creating efficiencies for automated ordering, fulfillment workflow, comprehensive dashboard reporting, and real-time notification
  • Core products and services provided directly by First American for superior quality and compliant vendor management
  • Property report services delivered in a uniform, easy-to-read format
  • Optional lien priority insurance products insure against loss if lien position is lost or diminished due to the modification
  • Nationwide document services, including generation, recording and retrieval
  • Flexible signing solutions, including mobile notary and mail-to-borrower
  • Available via direct integration or batch file upload

Products & Services

Property Reports for Loss Mitigation

Multiple property reports options for loss mitigation delivered in a uniform, easy-to-read format.

Document Generation

FirstDocs is our web-based document generation system that delivers compliant templates for all 50 states.

Signing Services

Our signing services provide a complete solution to support your notary and attorney signing needs.

Recording Services

Our nationwide recording services provide a streamlined process that facilitates shipping, transmitting, tracking and document recording in all 50 states.

Lien Priority Insurance

Optional lien priority insurance products insure against loss in the event the lien position of the mortgage is lost or diminished due to a loan modification.