Lenders choose by First American Data & Analytics to search, discover and share the property-related information contained in public records, recorded documents, title plants and more.

Here's why you should choose DataTree, too:

Search Across Counties or Nationwide

With DataTree, you have the power to search any property or owner anywhere across county and state lines instantly. And our flexible search options provide you the results you need – whether you are searching for an owner or a particular property.

Gain Confidence in Property Data

Verified Record provides the confidence and security that the information you rely on for lending decisions has been digitally matched by multiple, independent sources.

Directly Access the Title Plant

Through the Title Chain & Lien Report, you can get the complete chain of title. This report is the most comprehensive and inclusive search available of the owner and property – and includes liens, filings and judgments attached to a particular owner.

Search the Full Text of Recorded Documents

FlexSearch gives you both the precision and flexibility to search the full text of billions of public record documents nationwide.

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Search the Way You Want

DataTree provides the flexibility to search the way you want by integrating map, proximity, address, owner, APN, document and advanced search features into one lightning fast all-in-one solution that allows you to search multiple properties at once.

Work Efficiently

DataTree is designed to work the way you like to work, search, and share property data and recorded documents. DataTree is the way you and your team work better.

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