Fusion Valuation Reports™

Lenders today sometimes find themselves challenged to find property evaluations that comply with Interagency Guidelines for Evaluation content, meet internal underwriting standards, and provide the insight needed to make confident lending decisions.

Technology-driven products alone are not always enough to get the job done right. Sometimes, regulations require a quick evaluation by a real estate professional to verify the property’s condition. Other than purchasing a standard appraisal, what can you do?

Insightful Hybrid Appraisal Alternatives

Streamline the appraisal process and reduce overhead with First American’s Fusion reports. Driven by your specific assignment conditions, Fusion combines desktop appraisal techniques with the hands-on expertise of local appraisers to give you customized, fast, accurate results. Our SaaS technology has resulted in 33% faster turn times with no impact to quality, and continuous improvements are expected. 

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Use one of the Fusion varieties for your next home equity loan, loan portfolio analysis, mortgage loan valuation or default servicing assignment. We’ll help you find the right combination of Fusion products tailored to meet your needs.

Built with Clients in Mind

  • Credit unions and lenders (consumer, residential and equity) looking for a compliant evaluation that’s more than a technology only driven valuation, yet not a full standard appraisal.
  • The risk assessment officer who needs to make a lending decision for lower value loans (less than $250,000).

Key Benefits

  • Provides supportable market value with turn times up to five days faster (or more in some instances) than a standard appraisal 
  • Robust supplemental data and commentary from a certified/ licensed appraiser provides you with added confidence in the property condition and reconciled value 
  • Meets USPAP requirements and Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines