XtentTM Configurable Data Solution

Accurate property data is critical to make risk decisions with ease, efficiency and certainty. XtentTM provides a client configured title-driven data solution with instant property and borrower data from more than 30 data and information sources into a single, extensible solution enhanced by detailed analytics and data insights.

Easily customized or configured to a client’s use case with an at-a-glance analysis summary, alerts and analytics, Xtent provides unrivaled actionable data related to potential property and borrower risks.

Xtent is First American’s configurable, title data-driven solution with instant property and borrower analytics.

This unique offering for lenders and servicers streamlines the review process, creates efficiencies and identifies risk.

Access to Include or Exclude 30+ Data & Information Sources

  • Title and lien information
  • Ownership and occupancy
  • Detailed property information
  • Borrower financial/fraud risk
  • Compliance risk checks

Unparalleled Data Solution

  • Leading title information repository
  • Detailed property information
  • Borrower financial/fraud risk
  • Dozens of additional data sources

Instant Data, Actionable Alerts

Reimagined report with an at-a-glance summary including actionable alerts and analytics that identify inconsistencies earlier in the decision-making process.

Multi-Channel Delivery

  • Integrates into existing tech stacks through an API
  • Data-only
  • Excel/CSV
  • PDF reports

Lender & Servicer Use Cases

  • Assess marketing candidates
  • Originate a new home equity loan
  • Define preemptive account management strategies
  • Facilitate servicing portfolio transfers
  • Enhance loan modification & default decisions
  • And more!

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